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WP Custom Plugin Development

WordPress Custom Plugin

WordPress Custom Plugin

Do you know why need to use custom plugin in WordPress. Let me tell you brief story in below. And also a WordPress plugin is a collection of PHP files and jQuery that determine the  functionality of a website built with the WordPress content management system.

WordPress plugin control the admin dashboard of a website and are responsible for the overall functionalities. And management of a site, including the creating custom post, new category, assign the mapping field to meta data. Just explore all free WordPress plugin in official website and download it freely to use. 

The main rule of WordPress plugins allow you to greatly extend the functionality of dashboard fields without touching WordPress core itself. Moreover, WordPress plugin main purpose of very simple. In other words, Its was Don’t touch WordPress core. This means that you don’t edit core WordPress core code to add functionality to your site. Because WordPress overwrites core files with each updates. If you want a additional functionality we can  add or modify should be done using plugins. 

The Main Features WordPress Custom Plugins

Smart WordPress plugins are packages of PHP code that extend the core functionality

WordPress Plugin Configurations

WP Plugins can be customized to match a specific design requirements, this can be done by editing the PHP files directly, or by using the options provided by the WordPress. Moreover, WordPress plugin can be extended with various functionality via any WordPress dashboard. Our WP custom plugin development services well organized in WordPress wp-content directory.

Extend the Features

As you know how a WordPress plugin created by developers. WordPress plugins are made up of PHP, jQuery and can include other assets such as images, CSS, and JavaScript. We will extend your plugins with our expert WordPress Developer at best cost. WordPress allowing developers to register new custom post types. For example, If you want additional details about WordPress users custom plugin can possible.

Adding Custom WP Hooks

WordPress plugins using 2 most WP Hooks. First one is action and second as filter. We can extend the plugin features as per your custom requirements. Hooks are a way for one piece of code to modify another piece of code at specific, pre-defined functions. They logic up the creating for how plugins interact with WordPress Core. For example, a simple custom plugin for how to count total number of images in WordPress. Install the WordPress plugin and test your site now.

We are the Expert WordPress Plugin Developer

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