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WP Custom Theme Development

WordPress Custom Theme Development

WordPress Custom Theme

Do you know why need to use custom theme in WordPress. And also let me tell you brief story in below. A WordPress theme is a collection of PHP files that determine the best design and layout of a website built with the WordPress content management system.

WP Themes control the appearance of a website and are responsible for the overall look and feel of a site. That was including the structure layout, colors, font family, and other visual elements. Just explore all free WordPress in official website and download it freely to use. 

WordPress themes come in two types: free and Paid version. Moreover, Free themes are available for download from the WordPress repository and can be used to create a basic website. Paid themes are costly and can be purchased from independent developers or marketplaces, these themes usually come with more advanced features and options to customize the website.

In other words, WordPress theme is highly extendable. And also Neve, Astra and OceanWP is a super fast, easily customizable, multi-purpose theme. It’s perfect for all the blogs, small business, startups, agencies and e-commerce store.

The Main Features WordPress Custom Themes

A WordPress theme is a key elements of User interface in all the WordPress sites

Custom Theme Configurations

WordPress Themes can be customized to match a specific design requirements. This can be done by editing the theme files directly, or by using the options provided by the theme. Moreover, WordPress themes can be extended with various functionality via any WordPress plugins. Both well organized in WordPress wp-content directory.

WordPress Child Theme

A WordPress child theme allows you to change small aspects of your site’s appearance yet still preserve your theme’s look and functionality. In additionally, How child themes work it is first important to understand the relationship between parent and child themes. For example, If you edit or change any code in child themes we won't loss any data.

Adding Custom WP Hooks

In WordPress, web hooks is a way for developers to add custom functionality to the core of WordPress, without modifying the core files. Most importantly, Hooks allow developers to "hook into" the WordPress core, theme, and plugin code at specific points. And add their own code to be executed without any limitations.

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